May 23-26, 2014 // San Jose Convention Center

2014 Artist Alley Information

The information on this page is for FanimeCon 2014.
Artist Alley is leveling up for Fanime 2014!


Deadline for completing the post-approval registration, including verification of FanimeCon membership, Seller's Permit, and table payment, is Noon on April 25th.

Deadline for all changes, such as adding helpers, to Artist Alley accounts is Noon on May 10th.

Quick Notes

Jury System

Along with the above changes, we are modifying the application process to one that we believe will be fairer to all prospective applicants. We are moving away from a "First Come, First Serve" process and moving to a panel review system. Applications will require between three (3) to five (5) sample submissions, with an optional link to a portfolio of items you plan on offering during FanimeCon being highly recommended.

Our review panel will be comprised of impartial staff members and they will review your applications based on quality and subject matter. While the primary purpose of this review will be to ensure that the FanimeCon Artist Alley rules and guidelines are followed, it will also enable us to give all applicants a fair chance at obtaining a table.

Responses shall be reserved until all submissions have been reviewed and all applicants shall receive a response on the status of their application. If an applicant withdraws their application, or does not complete the registration process by the deadline (to be announced at a later time), then their table will be forfeit and offered, via lottery system, to an otherwise approved applicant who was not accepted during the original determination. Once all the space in Artist Alley has been filled, a notice will be posted on the website.

Your image submission and portfolio

We are looking for images from your portfolio. Artists should have a portfolio, if not, this is a great opportunity to build one. We are looking for 3-5 images. This is not just one item in each photo, but you may put multiple items in each photo or one photo with all the items you want to submit for review. Anything is fine as long as we can make out the items (don't go and cram 300 things in a medium sized photo).

A link to your portfolio, if we need to delve deeper into your art, may be requested if not provided with the application.

The Jury

We want to let you know we did not pick a jury selection willy nilly, but have put much thought into it. It was based on the reduced number of tables in the room and on general trends in the room.

The identity of the artists will not have any bearing on the evaluation. We will have more than one or two judges looking at the work, roughly 3-5. This is so that we have a diverse group evaluate the submissions. We will primarily be looking at the works to ensure rule compliance and evaluate at a minimum bar. This is because of the lower number of tables and the high demand for table, that minimum bar may raise and lower depending on the number of submissions. We will not be doing a 'load balancing' based on art type or medium.

The image submissions must be online already. We are only accepting links in the application. We have run into substantial issues with emailed submissions. Email would be accepted but it would definitely have a negative impact on your evaluation.

The artists will be evaluated on a table-by-table basis and artists sharing a table will be evaluated together. If one of the two artists has an issue we will let both know. If someone applies as a pair, we tell them both and they can decide to either not sell the items, drop themselves from the pairing, or the entire pair withdraws.

What art is allowed?

  • Original items of your own work and design.
  • Fan art clearly showing your own work being produced and not intended to replicate the original style or the official likeness of a work held by the license holder.
  • Collaborative works which include works from other artists, so long as you have a signed statement (or statements) of consent from all other collaborators for inclusion and sale of their artworks. No more than one thousand (1,000) copies of each collaborative work may be sold in the Alley in total by any seller or combination thereof.

What is not allowed?

  • Reproductions of any existing licensed merchandise in any form if such works are not your original creation.
  • Selling, reselling or distribution of commercial products, including the unauthorized re-releasing of merchandise of any kind.
  • The works of another artist whether or not that artist is registered for Artist Alley, unless that artist is participating in a collaborative work with you.
  • Food, beverages, makeup products, soap, skin care products, face painting services or hazardous items.
  • Weapons. Cosplay prop items that are not already licensed in any form are permitted. Please contact upon application to be appraised of other restrictions that must be adhered to.
  • On-site airbrush, enamel or oil paint-based artwork
  • Panels, autograph sessions or other themed programming not previously authorized by Fan Services.

Where is the link to apply for Artist Alley?

The Artist Alley application site is on our website
The site will begin taking applications, starting Wednesday, March 26 at noon.
Applications will be accepted until Friday, March 28 at noon.

Have a question that was not addressed here? Please contact Artist Alley at