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FanimeCon is always looking for talented and energetic people to join our staff! You'll see first hand the challenges and joys of putting on FanimeCon, and receive some of the best insight into its inner workings. Please join us and be an integral part in putting together Northern California's largest anime convention!

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Closing thoughts

Most staff members are required to put in roughly 20+ hours during the convention, plus extra time before the convention (as preparation).

FanimeCon Staff members are not paid. The spiffy "Staff" badge, the staff room rate, and the satisfaction of a job well done are the main rewards for all staffers.

If you aren't sure if you can make a full commitment to a staff position, consider being a volunteer for FanimeCon.

All staff members must be at least 16 years old at the start of the Convention. Some departments require their staffers to be 18+ or 21+. Other departments may have separate requirements, depending on what they do.

Thank you very much for your interest in FanimeCon 2017 and we hope to see you soon!