Cosplay Photographer

If you wanted to be at gatherings taking photos of cosplay gatherings of groups you love, then this position is for you. If you cant handle going from place to place, cannot control a crowd, or handle crowds at all, this may not be for you.

In this position you are the front face of the department, going to gatherings and taking photos, assisting the organizer in maintaining crowds. Simple on paper, but more to it in person, as I do request that you if you apply for this position, you send with the application, somewhere, a link to your portfolio (20 shots), so I can get a feel for your style of shots, and where I can assign you if need be. I keep it simple here intentionally, as if I accept you, I do have some stuff to ask you, more so I get to know proper pronouns (there is a vast diversity in our family, and if your joining I do wish to get it right the first time.) and what you like doing.

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Part of the Cosplay Gatherings department

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