General Staff

Help update the FanimeCon website! Webteam is looking for people who have internet access and are available for about 1-4 hours each week leading up to Memorial Day weekend. This job is simply putting content on the site – no previous experience required!

- Internet access for about 1-4 hours a week, depending on amount of content that week
- Communicate via email, Slack (, Discord (, or Trello (
- Work a total of 24 hours during FanimeCon spread over 4-5 days, helping out the Publications department

Not Required But a Plus:
- Basic HTML knowledge (if you recognize the following tags, you're golden! <strong>, <p>, <a href=””>FanimeCon</a>)
- Experience with WordPress's admin and content-entry system
- CSS knowledge (very rarely needed, used for more complex things)

This job does not demand much as the work is split up between staff members, but Webteam does get more work the closer it is to Memorial Day weekend. However, this is a flexible staff position, and the Head of Webteam will do their best to coordinate with your schedule.

If you are interested, please fill out a staff application on the recruitment site ( for Webteam. Thank you for your interest!

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