The Rovers department is recruiting!

Being a part of Rovers is a great way to make new friends, see the con in action, and make a difference at the con! We work with customer service and safety at FanimeCon, making sure our attendees are being safe and having the best con experience possible. We manage crowds, talk to attendees, and see everything that happens at con. If you enjoy walking and interacting with people, this is the department for you!

+Must be at least 18 yrs or older at the start of the convention
+Are able to work at least 24 hrs throughout the weekend
+Are able to attend at least 4 training meetings (online available)

+Line/crowd control - Keeping the flow of traffic moving and making lines look pretty!
+Peace bonding - Ensuring that props follow the guidelines and cosplayers understand the power of trust they have been given
+Roving the convention - Helping attendees have fun while being safe

Extras that we love:
+Keeping your cool!
+A desire to help others!

**NOTE: Cosplay is allowed while on duty, but must not interfere with the ability to perform necessary tasks

Interested in working for Rovers? Great! Fill out an application on the recruitment site and we will contact you as soon as possible. We do our best to accommodate your con schedule, and any events you would like to work are definitely up for consideration. Thank you for your interest!

Click Here To Apply Now!

Part of the Rovers department

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