Swap Meet Application!

Our Swap Meet is back for FanimeCon 2018!

We are taking Swap Meet applications online.

This means that you can use this site to create an account, and view the status of your Swap Meet application.

Swap Meet is $40.00 per space
Swap Meet applications will run to May 21, 2018 11:59pm, or until we run out of spaces, so apply soon!
Note: Swap Meet Applications does not include the standard FanimeCon Registration

To get started, click on the link that applies to you.

I have a FanimeCon Swap Meet account!

I do not have a FanimeCon Swap Meet account!

New Applications for Swap Meet spaces at FanimeCon 2018 have closed for the season.

Existing Accounts can log in and verify their status and location.

If you have any questions about this Swap Meet application process, please feel free to email us at swapmeet@fanime.com.