Broadcast Producer

Are you interested in being on the ground floor of an all new department at FanimeCon? Are you a passionate individual when it comes to audio and visual mediums? Are you experienced in audio recording, livestreaming, or video production? Looking for an opportunity to apply your talents to something special?

FanimeCon’s Broadcast department is looking for staff experienced in audio and video production. You will work closely with the Broadcast department leadership to develop entertaining and informative content for fans. This is an exciting opportunity to help build something new in FanimeCon.

• Assist in setting up and taking down Broadcast projects
• Work with Assistant Department Manager to combine visions of the department with stakeholders’ passion
• Must meet deadlines established by Department Managers
• Familiarity with Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut or other equivalent video editing software
• Familiarity with Apple operating systems
• Understanding of which file types to best present content as well as an understanding of limitations of presentation mediums
Things we are excited about:
• Experience working with a mixing sound board
• Familiarity with microphone placement, polarity, and operation
• Familiarity with encoding, frame rates
• Familiarity with platform optimization i.e. YouTube, Twitch etc.

All Broadcast staff are expected to work 24 hours during the convention weekend in addition to pre-con prep work. As a producer, you will be assigned to time blocks. These time blocks will consist of setting up equipment, gathering content, taking down equipment. Processing of content will occur during the evening.

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Part of the Broadcast department

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