Gaming Stage Broadcast Ops

The Gaming Stage is the FanimeCon Gaming Hall’s primary exhibition showcase for demonstrating the top attendee talent! Located in Exhibit Hall 3, the Gaming Stage displays competitive talent potentially including (but not limited to): League of Legends, Overwatch, and Smash Ultimate. Not only does it showcase competitive talent, but offers recreational gameplay that anybody can participate in with popular local games such as Towerfall: Ascension, The Jackbox Party Packs, and Overcooked!

The Gaming Stage Broadcast Ops role puts you behind the scenes and in-control of overlay implementations for spectator-facing content and in the hands of the spectator camera to catch all of the action! If you’re passionate about games, your expertise is needed to make sure everything will be properly represented for the commentary team and spectators at-con and at-home! This includes the aforementioned as well as ensuring appropriate audio levels are being presented via our mixing sound board and the appropriate display is actively displayed to our audiences. This role will require 24 hours of service to the department over the course of the weekend (Thursday through Monday) to be scheduled with your department head based on needs and availability.

+ Desired Skills:

- Average game knowledge of the following (games are subject to change, either in removal or addition):
- - League of Legends
- - Overwatch
- - Rainbow 6: Siege
- Knowledge of how to use the spectator tools in the aforementioned games.
- Ability to determine appropriate observation targets for gameplay quickly (and in quick succession in case of explosive action).
- Any experience with audio/visual technology (microphones, mixing sound board, HDMI splitter, etc.)
- Any experience with streaming programs (OBS, Xsplit, etc.)
- Experience in working with teams, ability to communicate between other production members and commentators concisely and quickly.

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