FanimeCon Cosplay Chess Applications

Welcome to the FanimeCon 2020 Cosplay Chess Application Form!

Please fill out all necessary information! Chess pieces are expected to arrive an hour before the performance for set up, last minute fixes, Q&A, and our volunteer raffle! If you have any questions email us at

All fields with a * are required.

Background Information
  1. This is the number we will use to contact you during the convention.
    This will remain private information and will only be used to contact you at FanimeCon should the need arise.

  2. We will be sharing email addresses with the rest of the chess pieces so that you can be in contact with each other.
    This greatly helps when fight sequence goes out and you want to reach out to the person who you're fighting to plan some ideas!

Character Information
  1. Please fill in the name of your character and the fandom they are from.
    Our theme this year is Magic! We encourage any magic related cosplays.
    We are accepting ALL PUBLISHED COSPLAYS.

  2. Last year we had positive feedback on our introductions! As we don't know most of your characters, please provide a short 2-3 sentence introduction describing your character. This will be used to introduce you on our board at the beginning of the show.

    Example: A climatologist whose mission is to protect the environment and ecosystem. She has developed cutting edge technology in climate manipulation. Look out for that ice wall, it’s Mei from Overwatch!

Closing Thoughts
  1. Do you have friends joining you? Would you like to be paired off so that the both of you can fight to the death? Well now you can! These are a first come, first serve basis and will be evaluated before granting any request. Please realize we reserve the right to deny your request, however we would like to hear from you why the two/three/four of you would be a good match up. Please add your friend's names and state your reason why you should be paired off to fight. If you were referred by a friend, please include that as well!

  2. By filling out this form, you agree to attend our mandatory rehearsal on Friday evening of FanimeCon at 7pm and performance itself. Chess pieces are expected to be there one hour prior for set up, last minute fixes, Q&A, and our volunteer raffle! We understand if life gets in the way, we simply ask that you inform us promptly so that we can make the necessary changes. We realize people have many things they wish to see and do at Fanime, and will do our best to accommodate.

That's everything. Thank you for your interest in Cosplay Chess for FanimeCon 2020.