General Staff

Do you enjoy working in a fast pace environment? Want to have Saturday/Sunday at the con? Then Print might be the department for you! The Print Department is responsible for producing and distributing all printed materials for the convention and departments. We're a small department that's always looking to improve. We work in conjunction with the Signage and Publication departments to ensure that the other departments get what they need to function and advertise.

As a general staffer you will be responsible for:
- Assisting veteran/returning staffers with Print production
- Delivery of Print and Publication media
- Assisting with the check-out and check-in system for Publication equipment
- Assisting preparation of Print and Publication equipment materials during the lead up time to the convention
- Assisting other Publication departments with additional manpower

Note: Print media and equipment is heavy. Please note that you may be asked to carry items with significant weight, which may be over 50 pounds for team lifts.

Our staffing workload is heavily impacted on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday of convention weekend. Saturday and Sunday are lighter workload days. This allows you to schedule most of your time before/after most of the major events of the convention. We require the standard 24 hour commitment spread over the convention weekend.

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