Masquerade Staff


* Be at least 18 years of age prior to or by Day 0 of Fanime.
* Experience in Technical Theatre and/or Backstage
* Attend one of the last two planning meetings prior to con.
*Must be available to work on Day 3 (Sunday)
*Looking for ninjas(stage hands) and den mothers(cosplayer’s liaison), Techs, House Manager, Assistant Stage Managers

-Preferable Availability to volunteer Day 1- Day 3 of Fanime
-Available to work (some) late evenings.
-Experience in stage management and running crew*
-Experience in working with contestants*
-Experience in Audio/Visual Technology**
*Do not need to have experience in each category, but it is welcomed
** Literacy of the Windows & Mac operating systems’ sound and display settings including but not limited to Qlab tech

-Assisting in helping the cosplayer contestants on where to go and when to wait
-Assisting backstage
-Communicate with your leads
-Punctual and Professional
-Ability to follow directions quickly and efficiently
-Must be available to work on Day 3 (Sunday)

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