General Staff

The Signage Department is looking for general staffers. Signage produces the signs on easels throughout the convention. The general staff position involves working with our signs and easels. No prior training is necessary for this as we will be training you before and during the convention. If you have experience working with large plotters this is a plus, but not a requirement. The Signage Department sits under the larger Publications Department and Signage often works with the other teams under Publications. This means that you will possibly work with other teams in the same office on tasks that may not be directly related to Signage. You also have the possibility to work with other departments in the convention, but this will not be too different from what you are expected to do in your regular role.

• Working with large plotter to produce signs
• Cutting and framing signs
• Delivering completed signs to proper location
• Assisting other departments in Publications when necessary

Signage staff are expected to work 24 hours during the convention weekend. Due to the nature of the department’s work schedule, Signage staff are required to work on the Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday of the convention. Friday through Sunday during the convention is flexible, and staffers typically are on call during that time.

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