General Staff

Do you want to see how the convention is set up? Have you ever wondered how the Welcome Banner is made? Then join the Environmental Branding Department! You will see the convention like you have never seen it before. We are expanding our use of banners across the entirety of the convention center. All you need is to be capable of working in a team environment to help make FanimeCon look like a dream that everybody will remember!

What you will be doing:
*Preparing and setting up banners and decals around the convention
*Periodically checking the banners and decals over the course of FanimeCon

+A good eye for detail
+Ability to communicate effectively
+Ability to work in a team with the directions given
+Must work 24 hours over the course of FanimeCon
+Must work either Wednesday, Thursday and/or Monday evenings of FanimeCon

If you are interested, please fill out an application on the recruitment site and you will be contacted by the team lead. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Part of the Environmental Branding department

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