Tabletop/Arcade Staff

Tabletop/Arcade is looking for all levels of staff!

Tabletop/Arcade rents out board games for attendees to play within the gaming hall or late night gaming room. In addition, we also host tournaments for various tabletop games.

* Your main duty will be to help attendees check in/out game, manage collateral and ensure pieces that are loaned out with the game return with it.
* You may be also be asked to assist with tournaments. which may consist of clearing and reserving tables.
* Other duties may include crowd control for tournaments or competitions within the hall.

* You must work a minimum of 24 hours over the course of the convention. We are open from Thursday, 5/21 (Day 0) to Monday, 5/25.
* You must abide by the Fanime Code of Conduct, Staff Code of Conduct, and Tabletop/Arcade Code of Conduct
* Must be 18+ at the start of day 0
* Must check in with your shift lead at the start of each shift
* Willing to sit or stand by stations independently if requested

* Attend staff meetings. If outside the SF Bay Area region, an online meeting will be scheduled if possible.

* Willing to work odd or late hours. We are open the entirety of the convention.
* Individuals with a passion for gaming
* Customer service skills are desired
* Attend radio training before con
* Open and helpful person with initiative
* Knowledge of board games.
* Knowledge of card games such as Magic the Gathering, Pokémon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, etc. is preferred but not required.

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