Webteam is looking for an organized and dedicated Co-Head to manage the FanimeCon website!

- Manage publishing pipeline with Trello for web content
- Assign tasks to webteam members
- Communicate with other department heads on web content via email
- Closely coordinate with the Content department
- Attend monthly FanimeCon General Staff meetings

- Internet access for about 15 hours a week, depending on amount of content that week
- Communicate via email, Slack (, Discord (, or Trello (
- Be on-call for website updates during the FanimeCon convention weekend, trading off with the other Co-Head(s)
- Basic HTML knowledge (<strong>, <p>, <a href=””>FanimeCon</a>, etc.)

- Previous manager, administrative, or lead experience
- Experience with WordPress's admin and content-entry system
- Coding experience with PHP and Javascript

If you are interested, please fill out a staff application on the recruitment site ( for Webteam. Thank you for your interest!

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