Broadcast Assistant Manager

Are you interested in being on the ground floor of an all new department at FanimeCon? Do you have an interest in audio and visual mediums? Do you have prior experience in audio recording, podcasting, or video production? Are you looking for a creative opportunity to contribute to something special? Have past experience in project management or looking to gain some?

FanimeCon’s Broadcast department is looking for an assistant manager. You will work closely with the Broadcast Department Manager, production teams, and stakeholders to develop entertaining and informative content for the fans. You will be an influential voice in interactions with our stakeholders. This is an exciting opportunity to help build something new in FanimeCon.

• Assist with scheduling production pipeline and release schedule
• Aides in department and team personnel management
• Contribute in discussions with stakeholders and relaying feedback to Producers
• Monitoring progress and deadline management
• Meet with department manager once a week
• Prior experience in content creation or AV production
• Ability to aid in multiple projects simultaneously

Things we are excited about:
• Experience with collaboration tools
• Familiarity with video editing software
• Experience with script writing
• Familiarity with onboarding processes

All Broadcast staff are expected to work 24 hours during the convention weekend in addition to pre-con prep work.

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Part of the Broadcast department

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