Head of Development

Are you organized and self-driven? Do you want to make a big impression on the attendees? As head of Environmental Branding, you will be in charge of coordinating and managing interactions between all other departments of the convention to produce all banners and adverts displayed throughout the convention.

- Explore and develop new concepts and possibilities for branding the convention center
- Communicate with various Fanime departments on projects desired
- Determine specifications and establish procedures for setup and removal of each project
- Oversee production and manage staff
- Plan and manage inventory and procurement needs for banner and advert production

- Must be able to work 24+ hours during Fanime weekend.
- Must be local to the Bay Area
- Must be able to arrive and work at the convention on Wednesday and work on Monday of the convention weekend due to extended setup and teardown times.
- Will likely be working during the late evening/early morning hours of the convention due to setup window times.
- Able to attend all General Staff meetings to the best of their ability.

- Prior staff/project management skills preferred.
- Familiarity with Slack and Trello preferred.

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Part of the Environmental Branding department

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