Physical Transport

FanimeCon needs you! A huge convention needs people to physically move convention materials from our storage to the every department in the convention across all the buildings. It's a big job, but a very important job.

All of the load-in work is done on Day -1(Wednesday) and Day 0(Thursday), and the load-out is on Day 4. This means you have the main days of the convention free to enjoy! Most of Friday and all day of Saturday and Sunday of FanimeCon are open for logistics.

On top of that, the Logistics team has special perks that extend above the normal staff levels.

We do require that logistics staffers have the physical strength to lift and carry boxes of convention equipment, and should be available for as much of load-in/load-out as possible.

If you're interested in contributing to this extremely vital and important role, and want to learn more about the department, please send in an application for Logistics.

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Part of the Logistics department

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