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Professional Registration

New Professional Registrations will be accepted online through May 20, 2022 11:59pm.
Requests after this date will need to be made in person at the convention.

All requests for a Press/Industry credential must go through this site.

For more information on our Professional Registration requirements, please see our FAQ.

All fields with a * are required.

Account Information
  1. Your username is only for this Professional Registration system. It is not related to any other account in any other FanimeCon system.
    Your username should only contain letters and numbers.

  2. Your password must be a minimum of 8 characters.
    Please do not share this account password with anyone outside of your group.

About You
  1. This must be your name as it appears on your ID.

  2. This is your name as used on your business card, byline, or credits.

  3. This is your official title within your company.

  4. Please choose the category that best fits your role. Industry attendees should choose from the Industry categories; Press attendees should choose from the Press categories.
    Please note that "Creators" must register separately (as in, each creator must be a separate distinct account of one person).

About Your Company
  1. This is the company that you will be representing. Note that all attending staffers from your company (along with the company, where applicable) will be held liable for your actions.

  2. If you are from outside of the US, choose "Not from the US" for the state.

Your Contact and Background Info
  1. Please use your company e-mail address.

  2. If you prefer to self-describe your gender (or if it is otherwise not represented here), please let us know in the notes in Step 2C.

  3. We need to be able to verify that all people are really with the company they register. All people applying through Professional Registration must supply some form of verification before the convention and (in some cases) verification during badge pick up.

    • For Writers on assignment:
      • one or more links to an article published by you written on or after January 1, 2022 or
      • a letter of assignment on the official organization's letterhead

    • For Press/Industry Attendees:
      • a W2/1099/Paystub from the company (with any confidential parts censored, of course)
      This is absolutely not necessary, in the event that it’s more convenient to provide this over the other requirements.

    We will accept a scan of the relevant information (no business cards), or you can place it in a secure location and give us the URL.
    If you are planning to email your verification information, this should be done within 48 hours of your submission.
    Please include your Professional Registration Account Number in any e-mails to us (available in Step 2).
    For a full run-down on the exact things acceptable as verification (and the formats), please see the Professional Registration FAQ.

  4. Each person must have credentials.

Recent Works
  1. For Industry Attendees, please list specific anime/manga projects you have been working on within the last year (with links)
    For Press Attendees, please list recent articles, reports, or editorials with your name in the credits (with links)
    For Press Attendees that attended FanimeCon in the previous two years as Press, please include links to your articles covering FanimeCon

Privacy Information
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Professional Registration is not open at this time.

If you have any questions about the proreg process, please feel free to email us at
Please include your Professional Registration Account Number if you have one (available in Step 2).