Masquerade Assistant Stage Manager

Are you a theatre buff? If your favorite things in the world are making sure the music cue starts properly, the right gel lights are used, the spot is in the right place, the house resident staff are happy, and those pesky performers are in the right place at the right time? Have we got a job for you!

Masquerade is a complicated production and much of the prep work is done in the days, weeks, and months before the show. However, the most important day of all is SHOW DAY and we need someone who wants to learn one of the most important roles: Stage Manager.

You will be working with our long-time Masquerade Stage Manager and you will often need to work independently. We need someone who knows how to take charge but also to delegate tasks to Masquerade backstage staff. You will interface directly with resident Civic staff, FanimeCon Audio/Visual Technology (A/V) staff, and the Masquerade Music and Video coordinator. Additionally, you will collaborate directly with the Masquerade Head who will provide you with the show script and collaborate with you on the vision for the show. This is a great position if you are interested in learning how to run a Masquerade!


* Be at least 18 years of age prior to or by Day 0 of Fanime.
* Experience in Technical Theatre, Backstage management, and Audio/Visual Technology
* Attend the last two planning meetings prior to con.
* Must be available to work from 10am - 10pm on Day 3 (Sunday)
* High standard of organizational and communication skills
* Ability to work under pressure
* A sharp eye for detail
* Problem-solving skills, ability to think on your feet
* Negotiation skills, confidence and decision-making abilities

* Collaboration skills and willingness to learn
* Availability to work a shift at the Masquerade Registration Desk Day 1 & 2 of FanimeCon if needed
* Ability to use the communication systems to liaise with all A/V FanimeCon Staff and resident Civic Staff
* Cue the lighting and Sound Technicians (both resident and FanimeCon A/V)
* Manage the backstage and onstage area during Masquerade
* Manage the Masquerade rehearsal
* Manage backstage staff ("stage ninjas") and prop placement
* Assisting in helping the cosplayer contestants on where to go and when to wait
* Assisting the Head Stage Manager backstage
* Communicate with your leads
* Punctual and Professional
* Ability to follow directions quickly and efficiently
* Must be available to work from 10am - 10pm on Day 3 (Sunday)

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