General Staff

The position for all of your eGaming PC & Console needs! You will be on the front-lines of the department helping out in numerous roles. Roles such as: Basic Information Desk, Tournament Registration, Tournament Bracket Runner, Tournament Reporter, Controller Lending Desk, Inventory Control, & Player-to-Gaming Stage Escort.

You and your team will be there to assist in answering questions attendees may have including keeping up to date on on-going eGaming events.

* Knowledgeable in basic computer operations.
* An interest in console or PC gaming.

General Duties:
* Communicating to attendees, up-to-date events, occurrences within the department, & general policies.
* Assisting Veteran Staff with Line Control, Controller Lending Stations, PC Operations, Tournament Registration & Operations.
* Assisting other sub-departments within eGaming for office resources and/or requests for additional personnel for similar duties.
* Carefully setting up and tearing down equipment.
* Conduct visual patrols around all sections managed by eGaming and monitor/report for unusual activities.
* Interact and delight attendees as one of the public faces of FanimeCon.

General Requirements
* Be customer service oriented, we want to help craft memorable experiences for our staff and attendees.
* Be on time for shifts and complete assigned tasks.
* Be able to lift 35lbs by yourself and up to 100lbs during a team lift.
* Be at least 18 years old if taking any afternoon-night shifts.
* Be able to maintain a positive attitude and ask others for help when needed.
* Attend all trainings assigned by the eGaming Department Head & Seconds.
* Commit to volunteering 20-24 hours over the 4-day convention period as per staff guidelines (slightly lower hours could be accommodated).
* You may be asked to be radio trained - the department will inform staffers in this position should there be a need plus training information.

We place a high value on building an inclusive and welcoming environment. We strive to give each every one of you the best opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experience. We try to be as flexible as possible with our staff while maintaining an organized schedule. If you have any questions, feel free to email

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