Policy Relations Staff

We are looking for staff who are communicative, adaptive, focused, patient, understanding, and perceptive. If you are someone who enjoys walking around the convention center, people-watching, can lift up to 20 lbs with limited assistance, and is interested in event planning and customer service - Policy may be the department for you!

Policy Relations (Policy) is a department that works with Convention Security to address and resolve safety concerns. We are in charge of enforcing the Code of Conduct and addressing Attendee safety concerns as they come to light, working with Convention Security as needed to ensure that everyone at the convention can have a fun and safe experience.

A typical shift consists of patrolling areas of the convention, keeping an eye out for any safety hazards, and being a presence that attendees can come to with questions or concerns. Additionally, Thursday (Day 0), Friday and Monday there is some light set up and take down of signage.

Policy Staff Requirements:
-Must be 18 years old by the time FanimeCon starts.
-Must attend at least 2 (two) pre-con meetings (virtual or in-person).
-Must attend department-specific training & radio training (virtual or in-person)
-Must be able to work 21 to 24 hours over the course of Fanime weekend Friday-Monday divided up into 3 (three) 7 (seven) hour shifts.
-Must abide by the FanimeCon Member Code of Conduct and the FanimeCon Staff Code of Conduct at all times.
-Must abide by FanimeCon 2023 COVID-Policies. There will be no exceptions to the COVID policies, even for staff. Please check the COVID-19 Policy page and ensure you are able to comply with all requirements listed.

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Part of the Policy Relations department

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