Stage Operator

The Fanime Gaming Stage needs Stage Directors to help with the on-stage production of the Gaming Stage! While the Talents are looking pretty, you’ll be the one making sure they are following protocol and coordinating with the Broadcasting Team to make sure everything looks great for the attendees at con and at home!

- Instructs and signals the Talent to stay on topic or time checks.
- Receives live updates from the Broadcast Director.
- Provides direction to Broadcast Quality Assurance and Preparation Deck.
- Coordinates with the Broadcast Director for scene adjustments, and eGaming for console-specific setup.

- Must be 18 years or older.
- Must work a total of 20 hours over the 4-day event (Friday - Monday)
- Must be punctual and professional.
- Must be a cooperative team player.
- Must be able to adjust to a constantly changing environment and work independently as needed.

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Part of the SAGE Stage department

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