Masquerade Judge

We welcome new and veteran people to apply annually for the role of Masquerade Judge.

We welcome you to apply if you are interested in judging for next year!

We have a panel of 3 or 4 judges for Costume Craftsmanship and Performance.

Our Masquerade Judges are FanimeCon staff, not Guests of Honor, with the perks and responsibilities associated with staffing. Our judges are volunteers who love cosplay and want to help make the Masquerade a fair event and share their knowledge with novice and experienced cosplayers.

FanimeCon judges generally have years of related experience in the following disciplines:

• Costume construction and/or design.
• Dance, choreography, or performance (concerts, plays, variety shows, etc.).
• One or more of the following: 3D printing, urethane resin, fiberglass,
foam-latex appliances, leatherworking, machining, vacuum-forming,
and/or related processes.

We would like to know more about your experience. Have you ever judged before? What cons have you participated in? Have you won any prizes? We would also love to see images of costumes or props you have designed or examples of shows you have led.

We would like to speak to the top candidates on the phone or Discord so that we can see if you will work well with the team we already have in place.

You must commit to being an impartial judge if you accept the position and the award winners will be voted for in a democratic process by the judges with support from the Masquerade head.

You are barred from participating in the FanimeCon Masquerade Competition (for the year you are a judge) if you accept the position.

You will need to commit to the schedule below. We provide breaks and reasonable hours so you will have time to enjoy the convention.

• Friday (Day 1): 3pm - 6pm
• Saturday (Day 2): 10am - 1pm, [Break from 1pm - 3pm], 3pm - 6pm
• Sunday (Day 3): 10am - 12pm, [Break from 12pm - 5pm], 5pm - 10pm

After the Masquerade you will meet for final decisions during a 30-minute judging break, and then the panel will need to be on stage to present the awards. The judge/judges will need to make a brief statement about each prize winner. As representatives of FanimeCon, and respected judges, we request that you dress appropriately for this important event, preferably in cosplay (but this is not required).

We would be happy to welcome you to the team!

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