PC Tournament Organizer Lead

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Our department is looking for experienced tournament staff with the PC e-Gaming sub-department. In this role, you will be helping to put on a great show for both attendees and staff alike. You will assist the PC Head with creating and executing tournaments centered around your sub-department, greeting attendees, or just checking to make sure everyone feels welcome, and better yet, having fun.

E-Gaming PC Specialist Desired Skills:
* Basic computer troubleshooting
* Prior experience with PC e-gaming tournaments, solo or team based.
* Experience in online bracketing software Smash.gg.
* Knowledge of bracket types in online and paper format.
* Experience working with versatile, agile, dynamic teams in an exciting environment.

General Duties:
* Research trending gaming titles and gaming news trends relevant to your sub-department as a building block for your sub-department's success.
* Research gaming communities, local and abroad, tournament and casual, relevant to your sub-department and act on tournament titles that would attract the most attention to your section.
* Act as a second-in-command to the e-Gaming 2nd PC Co-Heads and comply with directives as needed.
* Assist attendees with signing up for tournaments, online or at the convention.
* Assist staffers who are bracket runners and reporters and cater to their needs.
* Interact and delight attendees as one of the public faces of FanimeCon.
* Conduct area patrols around the E-Gaming stations and monitor for unusual activities.
* Carefully setting up and tearing down equipment.
* Request Line control on major events during tournament sign-ups & check-in.

General Requirements
* Be customer service oriented, we want to help craft memorable experiences for our staff and attendees.
* Be on time for tournaments you are managing and complete assigned tasks/brackets.
* Be able to work in a loud and crowded environment.
* Be able to lift no more than 50 lbs during setup and tear-down of the convention.
* Be at least 18 years old: some of our shifts are late at night.
* Be able to maintain a positive attitude and ask others for help when needed.
* Staff typically work 24 hours over the course of the 4 day convention.
* Ability to adapt to any situation when it calls for it.
* You may be asked to be radio trained - the department will inform staffers in this position should there be a need plus training information.

We place a high value on building an inclusive and welcoming environment. We strive to give each every one of you the best opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experience. We try to be as flexible as possible with our staff while maintaining an organized schedule. If you have any questions, feel free to email egaming@fanime.com

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