Stage Talent / Host

The Talent (aka Host and Commentator) role presents you as the face (and voice) of some of these events. If you are passionate and knowledgeable about games, your expertise is wanted to help communicate some of the in-depth strategies, overall meta knowledge, and statistical analysis to observers both at home and at con through our broadcasted efforts!

- Hosts recreational and competitive gaming events that will take place on the Gaming Stage.
- Commentates/ co-commentates on various games.
- Facilitates audience participation.
- Provides reasonable accommodations for Guests of Honor and attendees brought on stage.
- Escorts Guests of Honor and attendees to various areas across the stage production area.

- Must be 18 years or older.
- Must work a total of 20 hours over the 4-day event (Friday - Monday).
- Must be punctual and professional.
- Must be a cooperative team player.
- Must be able to adjust to a constantly changing environment and work independently as needed.
- Must have clear and confident speaking ability (public speaking skills).

- Previous casting / commentating experience
- Well-versed in some of the following popular games which may include: Pokemon series, Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Party series, Jackbox series.. etc.

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Part of the SAGE Stage department

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