2024 Artist Alley Information

Hello Artists!

Welcome to the FanimeCon Artist Alley FAQ!

Please keep updated on the FanimeCon website, Twitter, Facebook, and this FAQ for up-to-date information concerning the Artist Alley.

Where is the link to apply for Artist Alley?

Artists may apply and login to their accounts at:

The site will open for account creation starting Saturday, January 20, 2024.

The site will take applications for 36 hours.

Starting: 8am, Saturday, January 27, 2024

Closing: 8pm, Sunday, January 28, 2024

Who is eligible to apply for Artist Alley?

Any artist may apply as long as they meet the following requirements:

What do I need to prepare to apply for Artist Alley?

Artists will need to prepare a portfolio of four art samples and store them online. Artists will provide the URL link to each sample and their portfolio as part of the application. You will also need to pick whether your table would primarily be considered Craft or Prints.

How do I complete the application process?

You will first need to create an Artist Alley account. Account creation begins on January 20. During account creation you will create an account and receive an email validation. Be sure to click on the validation link which will confirm your account and direct you to some additional steps and information to help you prepare before applications open.

When the application period opens you will need to log in, complete, and submit your application. Accounts may still be created during the application period. Applications will ONLY be accepted during the open application period. You must have a submitted application in order to be eligible for the waitlist or At-Con table purchase.

All applications are scored based on a jury review process. Artists will receive an email notification between 7 to 10 weeks on their status, and what steps are available to continue in the process. If you are not selected you will be notified and provided the option of adding yourself to our waitlist.

You may also login at any time to your Artist Alley Account to check the status and next steps available to you.

What criteria does the jury judge on?

FanimeCon Artist Alley evaluates applicants using a jury system. When you apply for the Artist Alley you must submit links to four pieces of artwork or photos that represent your best works, and/or represent what you sell. The jurors are comprised of creative and policy-based professionals who have extensive experience in their respective industries.

We recommend avoiding these common pitfalls:

Why was I not chosen?

We have implemented a jury-based system to maintain an excellent exhibition of artistic skill and creativity in the FanimeCon Artist Alley, but at the end of the day we simply do not have enough space for all of the amazing applications we receive. Due to revising our table layout to adapt to COVID precautions we are likely to have even fewer tables this year. Truly, space is our limiting factor, not the quality of the applications we receive.

We don’t feel it is appropriate to be discussing any specifics regarding why a particular account was or was not selected, and do not release the jury scores publicly or privately.

What about the waitlist?

Everyone that isn’t accepted during the initial jury review selection is provided the option of adding themselves to our waitlist. If a selected Artist withdraws their application, or misses a post-approval deadline, then their table will be forfeit and offered, in order of the review results, to an Artist on the waitlist who was not accepted during the original determination and whose material isn't a violation of the Alley's rules.

Individual positions on the waitlist will not be released.

What about COVID?

FanimeCon is maintaining a cautionary stance towards COVID. Please review the Covid Policy for the most up to date information on our official FanimeCon website. We will strive to keep our Artists updated and informed as changes develop and ask for your patience and flexibility as we strive to make a safe and fun convention for 2024!

Seller’s Permits:

A California seller's permit can be obtained from the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration Website. Please adhere to the rules below when applying for a permit. Each artist must have a hard copy of their sellers permit on site. While you are selling at the convention you can be subject to produce your permit for the state board of equalization at any time. Not doing so will result in immediate action both by the state and by the convention.

If you do not submit your seller’s permit by the deadline, you will not be able to sell. If you are using a permanent sellers permit, your name must be the primary name on the permit.

Is there any guidance for Out of State or Out of Country sellers?

Out of State and Out of Country sellers also need a valid seller’s permit. The Department of Tax and Fee Administration can help you but advanced planning is needed. Assistance in other languages may be limited.

Some out of country sellers have previously experienced issues bringing in their merchandise stock to the country. Please check your local regulations as well as import regulations to avoid any issues with border crossings, or shipped merchandise.

Due to COVID travel restrictions are also varied and changing. Please watch, check travel restrictions, and refer to FanimeCon’s official website for the most up to date COVID vaccination requirements.

Venue Address:

San Jose Convention Center
150 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95113


May 24-27, 2024

Is the convention badge included in the table price?

No. The badge and table costs are separate.

Each artist will need to purchase a full weekend badge in addition to the table fee.

Please see the Registration Department for restrictions and refund policies related to badges. Artist Alley has no control over Badge purchases.

Do I have to pay for the weekend badge before I find out if I have an Artist Alley table?

No. You are not required to purchase a badge before you find out if you are selected for an Artist Alley Table. If you are selected however, you will then be required to purchase a weekend badge.

Can I give my table to someone else?

No. Tables are non-transferable. You will not be able to transfer your table to a designated person or artist.

How do I add a helper?

Helpers are not part of the online Artist Alley application process.

Helpers will require a convention badge and a signed helper agreement which will be completed when you pick up your badge and check in to your Artist Alley table the first day of the convention.

If I cannot attend the convention, what can I do?

If you are unable to come to the convention, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing Artist Alley and include your Artist Alley account number in the email subject line.

The cancellation deadline is May 8, 2024. If you cancel after May 8, 2024, no refund will be issued for the table fee.

Refunds for the table fee only (does not include any badge registration costs) shall be issued within 90 days after May 31, 2024.

Refunds on badges, if available, are subject to the Registration Department's badge policies.

Can someone sell my art at the convention for me?

Someone else selling your art is considered “proxy selling”.

Selling by proxy is not permitted in Artist Alley.

For the purposes of our Artist Alley, the definition of “artist” is the actual illustrator of the pieces sold. The artist must be the primary person to be seated at the table during the convention at any time during operating hours of the Artist Alley. Colorists and/or inkers may be a Helper at the table, and are only allowed to sell if the illustrator is also present at the convention and they are covered under the illustrators seller’s permit.

Can my AI artwork be sold at the convention?

No. Due to the current nature of AI-generated artwork, staff have determined it to be against our definition of ‘artist’ and will not be allowed in our Artist Alley for FanimeCon 2024.

Will the SJCC Union be there to help?

Union assistance will be available during the setup (Friday during load-in) and tear-down (Monday during load-out) process free of charge, and will take your inventory and equipment to your table if you are unable to carry it yourself in a single trip without the use of a hand truck or cart. They will be located at the Artist Alley entrance, and the loading dock on the south end of the room.

What is the price for a 2024 Artist Alley table?

Artist Alley tables are $275 for FanimeCon 2024.

Payment is accepted by Paypal ONLY. Payments will be handled only after artists have been selected.

This DOES NOT include the cost of the convention weekend badge, which is required for participation in FanimeCon’s Artist Alley.

What if someone cancels, or does not show up on Friday. Can I buy a table on Saturday?

At this time we are planning to allow any unclaimed tables to be purchased Saturday morning. In order to purchase a table on site you must have submitted an Artist Alley Application. Payment will be by U.S. Dollars and will be required upon acceptance by staff.

Unclaimed tables are any tables to which an Artist did not check in on site and claim by 7pm on Friday. Artist Alley will not be accommodating requests from Artists to sell only two or three of the four convention days. If you have a life event, such as a graduation, or are purchasing cheaper travel fares which do not allow you to check in and sell Friday your table will be forfeit.


We also wanted to re-iterate some of the most important rules of the convention, as to avoid any conflict that may arise. Please understand that any infraction of these rules will put your table at risk for this and future Artist Alley attendance.

ARTIST may NOT offer or sell the following:

Display rules:

Of Particular Note this year:

Artist Alley hours of operation:

Artist Alley will be open to Artists (and helpers) for an hour before and after the hours of operation for setup and take-down each night.

If you have any further questions please contact us at artistalley@fanime.com.

Thank you!
Artist Alley Staff
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