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  1. Have you led this gathering before? When was it? How did it go? How many attended? Did you tend to run over the time given? Any extra information you want to provide?

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  1. Please choose a preferred starting time for your gethering from the available time blocks.

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  1. While FanimeCon will try to accommodate all gathering requests, this form does not guarantee availablity or starting times.

    This form will send the information to our gathering coordinators.

    They will contact you to confirm your gathering application.

    By continuing through this form, you agree to the following policies:

    1. Each gathering requires a Gathering thread in the forums. If you do not have a thread and need to make one, view this thread as to how to make a proper Gathering thread.

    2. In order to maintain priority in leading a gathering, you MUST post in the forum thread of your gathering every 2 weeks or risk losing control of said gathering.

    3. Fighting with other members over control of a gathering will result in loss of said gathering all together.

    Any questions regarding said policies can be directed to

    Thank you very much for your interest in FanimeCon 2024 and we hope to see you soon!