Dealers Dept Staff

Ever wonder how we keep our Dealers Room running? Want to know what it takes to be the "modern day traveling salesman"? Now's your chance to get your feet wet in event management!

What we do:
-Dealer exhibitor check in.
-Cater to our Dealers' logistical needs during the show.
-Help with communications between our union decorator & Dealers.
-Manning & assist w/ daily tasks at our Dealer Ops Info booth.
-PA announcements. (If you're not mic-shy and you like to hear the sound of your own
-Bootleg spotting. (Help keep our Dealers honest!)
-Occasional crowd/line control.

Got experience? AWESOME! Share your ideas & experiences with us!

No experience? NO PROBLEM! We'll be more than happy to teach you a thing or two about how conventions & exhibitors operate.

Our dept staff is super laid back, we don't bite!

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Part of the Dealers Room Staff department

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