MusicFest Staff (2-3 positions)

The MusicFest department (a department in the Guest Relations Division) is recruiting 2-3 professional and sociable staffers to work in the role of a MusicFest staffer – directly supporting the FanimeCon MusicFest concert in all aspects.

+ Work as a part of the MusicFest staff to support the MusicFest guest(s) including:
++ Perform a variety of organizational tasks to support the success of the FanimeCon MusicFest concert.
++ Work as at-con liaison between MusicFest department and Guest Relations head team when requested.
++ Attend to MusicFest GoHs during their time at FanimeCon when requested.
++ Attend daily morning GR staff meetings and any MusicFest staff meetings during con.

+ Must be at least 21 years old.
+ Must work AT LEAST a total of 24 hours over the 4-day event (Friday – Monday) and be available to start from Friday morning.
+ Must be punctual, professional, and organized.
+ Must be a cooperative team player.
+ Must be able to adjust to a constantly changing environment.

+ Open and helpful person with initiative!
+ Available to work (some) late evenings
+ Familiarity with FanimeCon
+ Hospitality experience (e.g. at another convention, at school, at work, etc.)

**NOTE: Cosplay is allowed while on duty, but must not interfere with ability to perform necessary tasks.

If interested, please fill out an application on the recruitment site and you will be contacted by Guest Relations Division staff. Thank you for your interest.

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Part of the MusicFest department

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