Writers/Editors Needed

Editorial is looking for people with writing and editing skills to help with editing content that will eventually wind up on the FanimeCon website and in our program guides.

This is not an entry level position, experience or a strong knowledge of writing and grammar are necessary. Anyone without proper experience will not be asked to staff for us.

Staffers will be asked to carefully look over content that individual departments submit for spelling errors, grammar errors, tone, readability, and more. Staffers will also be asked to follow a style guide that has been created by our department.

The majority of the department's work is done before con between the months of February and May, though work may come around during any time of year during the con cycle. We are more than happy to accommodate your schedule as much as possible if you are working, in school, or even traveling, just be aware that our workload is more demanding the closer we get to con.

During con we ask that you take at least one shift in our office in case there are any last minute edits needed. Snacks, drinks, and sometimes even a meal will be available throughout the con.

We work heavily in Google Docs and Trello, so familiarity with both sites is helpful. We will train you on our processes, and our department leadership is more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Thanks for applying!

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