Info Desk staff

What is Info Desk? Who are they, and what do they do?

Info Desk is one of the most visible public faces of FanimeCon. We greet the public with a friendly face and the answer to their questions both through stationary desks and walking teams located throughout the convention. When you don't know, go ask Info!!

Info Desk Staff Requirements :

Must be 18 years old by the time FanimeCon starts. (exceptions may be made on a case by case basis)

Must have valid government issued photo ID. ie drivers licence, passport, state id card, military id card, etc....
Must work 24 hours over the course of Fanime weekend Th-M divided up into 6(six) 4(four) hour shifts.

Must complete Radio Training.

Must complete Customer Service Training.

Must attend at least 2(two) pre-con meeting

Must be familiar with the Fanime website.

Must follow COVID vaccination rules.

Must check in with Programing Ops and Manager On Duty 15 minutes before each shift.

Must check in with Programing Ops and Manager On Duty after each shift.

Must abide by the FanimeCon Member Code of Conduct and the FanimeCon Staff Code of Conduct at all times.

Info Desk Responsibilities

Before Con, Info Desk staff members are responsible for acquiring information as it becomes available concerning Programing, Extravaganzas, and Fan Service.  Throughout the months leading up to Con, Info Desk staff continue to become well versed on all programming, events, and schedule changes in order to share this information with staff and attendees.

During Con, Info Desk staff members distribute information about events, event locations, any changes, and other pertinent information. They understand the rhythm and flow of what information attendees ask for on a given day and are prepared with responses for related questions (for example, Cosplay is big on Saturday, so Info Staff should be prepared for questions related to cosplay). Info Staff members keep in constant contact with Programming Ops, distribute information about all changes that come from Prog Ops, and communicate any alarming trends to either Prog Ops or Con Ops as it pertains to scheduling. Info Desk is also responsible for distributing the daily con newsletter to attendees.

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