Fanime Logistics

Looking for a way to help Fanime while still enjoying the most out of the convention? Then consider joining Logistics, as most of our work is done before and after the convention. No prior experience required.

The perks and benefits of being part of Logistics:
-Actually have time to enjoy Fanime on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Don't want to work when you want to go to a Cosplay Meet Up, Music Fest, etc.? You don't have to worry about that because we do all our work before and after Fanime. With just a bit of physical labor, you can actually attend Fanime during the weekend. You are not obligated to sit in a room dealing with people, or run around doing errands.
-Free Food! We will provide a few free meals for the hard work you contribute. That way you have a bit more spending money for the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley!
-Also, we have an awesome, unique uniform, that no other department has.
-Did we mention free time during Fanime for you to enjoy?

Minimum requirements:
-Preferred at least 18 years-old.
-Able body who can at least carry, lift, and move 20lbs or more.
-Available from Wednesday Afternoon (before the con), all the way through Monday Evening (after the con).
-We are also flexible with working around your schedule, if that ever becomes the case.

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Part of the Logistics department

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